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PostHeaderIcon Sit’N’Go Poker Strategy

Sit and Go Tournaments has been one of the most sought-after games for poker gamers. Aside from the enjoyment that every player aims to feel, they also want to earn high. To achieve it, there are effective strategies that will help you all the way.

You have to remember that the goal of playing the Sit’N’Go Poker is to grab all the chips from the other players. You have to make sure that you can beat the opponent by following a specific strategy as you play the game. The loser will leave the game while the remaining two or three players will be declared a winner, allowing them to get the prize at stake.

Players should compare their chips to the size of the blinds which refers to the bets made every round by the players. You should examine your chip stack as soon as you start the tournament. If you have many chips at hand, that automatically means that there are more than 12 big blinds. On the other hand, if you are holding a few chips, take note that there are less than 12 big blinds.

It is also better to have a few chips but make sure that they consist of strong cards and that there are more than 12 big blinds. You can have a higher earning when the blinds increase. However, if the big blinds are lesser than 12, you should ensure that you are holding more cards. If you can notice, winning here is a matter of technique to push the other players out of the game.

Also, you have to take note that you have to protect your chips. Remember that you are playing the Sit’N’Go Poker to save the chips from transferring to your opponents. Follow these basic strategies and master them by trying to apply the rule in the game right now!