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PostHeaderIcon Poker Mystique

Poker has been played since the 18th century and is with all of its variations one of the most widely played games in the world of today, both live and online. This may seem strange at first for the game is rather bland and uninteresting in itself. There is, however, an external element which has attached itself to the game and become closely associated with it: the element of real money stakes. It is obvious that poker owes much of its popularity to real money stakes. Without them the game is just a pile of boring cards. With them, the game suddenly becomes interesting. You can make a living off of it; you can lose a fortune on it; you get anticipation, thrill and ultimately real results from playing.

The standard poker variant has become Texas Hold'em and with so much money changing hands it really could not be any other way. That which sets Texas Hold'em apart from other poker variants is that you can actually deduce what hand your opponent could be and could not be holding. Only two of his cards are unseen. The rest are seen. This could also be said about 7 Card Stud as well but in that game you are not sharing the seen cards with your opponent like you do in Texas Hold'em. Sharing the cards adds an interactive dimension to the game and that is really what lies at the core of Texas Hold'em. A card dealt face up on the table can in a sudden make one hand and break another hand at the same time. A dealt card can turn the tables. The seen cards are multi edged swords that can strike in either direction and this lifts the game way above other poker variants. Texas Hold'em has a mathematical anchor point but it is loose enough to give chance and psychology plenty of space. What we are trying to say is that Hold'em has a perfect blend between the known and the unknown and is therefore extremely well suited for real money stakes. And let us not forget the simple rules of the game which gives it a broad appeal. All the pieces add up and with the big picture in front of us it is no wonder why poker has attained such wide popularity.

Despite its popularity, poker still retains an aura of mystique and luck. This is a good thing for it keeps poker attractive and alive. However, if you wish to actually profit from poker you must look at the game with different glasses. You must analyse it and the players you are facing. You must make science out of it. If you don't have the drive to do that you can never become a professional player. However, even if you have the drive you could still use some help. It will save you time and money. There is no need to waste several months and hundreds of dollars making beginner mistakes. We recommend that you study poker strategy thoroughly before you start staking your money at the poker tables. There is a very good poker school located at There you will learn all the ins and outs of Texas Hold'em and if you prove your knowledge in their poker quiz you will be rewarded with free poker money at one of the best online poker rooms. All the know how and the required starting capital in one single package. The perfect start to your poker adventures.